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Extension Projects

Winter School on the Global South (WSGS)
This is a project coordinated by Dr. Silvia Ferabolli and Dr. Luiza Peruffo. The Winter School on the Global South is an intensive course to graduate students and early career scholars to critically reflect on the concept of “Global South” and to discuss what it means in theory and practice. The 2019 edition (02-06 September ) was hosted by the Faculty of Economics at UFRGS with the participation of the Center of Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge. 
Mentoring Program for International Relations Students (PROMERI)
Race, gender and class: a discussion on intersectionality
PROMERI V dialogues
Date: 09/22/2021
Time: 6pm
Location: Closed online event
The nexus between religion and race: is islamophobia a form of racism?
PROMERI IV dialogues
Date: 08/16/2021
Time: 6pm
Location: Closed online event
Race, Racism and International Relations: Reflections from the Negritude Movement
PROMERI III dialogues
Date: 01/27/2021
Time: 6pm
Location: Closed online event
The black becoming is corporeal: race, class and revolution
PROMERI II Dialogues
Date: 11/18/2020
Time: 6pm
Location: Closed online event
Racism and International Relations in Brazil
PROMERI Dialogues I
Date: 09/23/2020
Time: 6pm
Location: Closed online event
PROMERI website:
This project is coordinated by Drs. Silvia Ferabolli and Veronica Gonçalves. PROMERI is an extension program that aims to structure a support network for students of the undergraduate course in International Relations (IR) in the construction of their academic trajectory at UFRGS. PROMERI involves master's and doctoral students from the Strategic International Studies Program (PPGEEI), as well as professors from the Department of Economics and International Relations (DERI). PROMERI's objective is to support the academic development and professional insertion of students who entered the International Relations course through the entrance exam, with places reserved based on ethnic-racial and socioeconomic criteria. At:



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