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Research project

2020 - 2022
Teaching-learning of International Relations of the Arab World
What is "International Relations of the Arab World"? How – and why – should this discipline be taught at the graduate level? These are the three interrelated questions that this project seeks to answer, based theoretically and methodologically on Paulo Freire's philosophy of education, on the International Relations (IR) literature focused on the studies of global regions and concerned with the construction of a less North-centric/Westernocentric discipline and therefore truly global in form, scope and content. The hypothesis that guides this project is that the advancement of knowledge about how states, institutions and social movements considered "Arab" interact with each other and with their non-Arab peers, both regionally and globally, requires a discipline of its own. This is due to the fact that a course focused on International Relations of the Arab World (RIMA) allows the study of a whole set of political, economic, social and cultural dynamics that simply cannot be adequately addressed when included in the broader discipline of International Relations of the Middle East. And this RIMA discipline must be built from the place where it is taught, that is, starting from the knowledge that students already have about the region and giving it a practical meaning – in terms of praxis, of knowing in order to intervene in reality.
2018 - Current
This work proposal, linked to the NEBRICS group from UFRGS, seeks to develop studies on the bilateral institutional relations between the League of Arab States (LEA) and the members of the BRICS. Among the topics that this line of research encompasses, the developments of the Sino-Arab Cooperation Forum, Indo-Arab Cooperation Forum and Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum, which started in 2004, 2008 and 2009, respectively, stand out. It also discusses the development of relations between the LEA and Brazil, especially within the terms of the ASPA Summit, started in 2005



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